The 10th Regular Synod declared the period from June 2017 to May 2020 as a Triennium for Mission Re-invigoration to give particular focus, energy and resources to the following:

1]       The mobilization of the ECP constituency during the next 18 months towards completing the targets for Vision 2018;

2]       The conduct of a visioning process  that will include  diocesan consultations and a national summit to build into the accomplishments of Vision 2018 and craft the vision of this Church for the future;

3]       The comprehensive review of the Constitution and Canons of this Church in order to open up its structures and canonical framework to a more dynamic and vibrant mission work.

In order to operationalize this resolution, the following plan of action and timetable are hereby proposed for the consideration of the dioceses.

I         Assessment of Accomplishments. –  Looking where we are now.

In October 2016, diocesan representatives, finance and program officers met and firmed the following targets:

Dioceses FULL-FLEDGE AIDED [50% – 99% Probational (26% – 49%)
2016 2018 2016 2018 2016 2017 2018
EDNL 9 16 8 3
EDCP 6 8 1 1
EDNCP 13 22 13 6
EDS 12 17 1 10
EDNP 16 24 5 4 2 4 2
EDD 5 7 1 7 1 8
EDSP 8 13 8 2
TOTAL 69 109 37 22 14 4 10

 In addition, the average church attendance which stood at 12% and 29% in 2009 and 2013, respectively, was projected to reach 50% by 2018.  Membership increase through baptism and reception was targeted at 5% annually while a similar 5% transformation of inactive to active members was also set.

While the target number of full-fledge parishes will not meet the number wished for in 2009, the total would still be three times [3 x] the base figure in 2009, for an increase of more than 240%.  Yet, comparing the actual figures for 2016 which is 69 and the target for 2018, the projected increase for the last two years of the vision figure is very high at 58%.  At the October 2016 meeting, the dioceses were upbeat that the target could be attained.

Those projections would now have to be assessed in order to determine whether the same were already accomplished, are being accomplished and/or have a very high potential to be accomplished by December 2018. Factors that enabled the positive achievements will be identified and further enhanced towards full target accomplishment.  Similarly, factors that prevented positive achievements will be noted and measures to address or overcome the same will be put in place.

II        2018 DIOCESAN CONVENTIONS – Presentation of Accomplishments and Initiation of the Visioning Process for the next 10 years.

The accomplishments of the dioceses in terms of Vision 2018 will be presented at the 2018 Diocesan Conventions for the purpose of: a] taking note and celebrating these accomplishments; and, b]  encouraging and/or challenging the general membership, congregations and institutions to complete and/or exceed the targets of Vision 2018 during the remaining period.

In addition to the presentation of accomplishments, the Diocesan Conventions will initiate the visioning process for the next 10 years, from 2019 to 2028. This may be done in a resolution [or any Convention action] whereby the Diocese formally declares that it will undergo a process of setting forth its VMG by taking the following steps:

1]       Congregational consultations. Each congregation will hold a review and visioning exercise to answer the following questions?

a]       Where are we now in our work on the Five Marks of Mission: a]  proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom of God; b] baptism, teaching and nurture of New Believers; c] loving service response to human needs; d] transformation of unjust structures of society, challenging violence and pursuing peace; and e]  safeguarding the integrity of creation and sustaining and renewing the life of the earth.

b]       What are our resources and strengths in doing our work at this time and in the next 10 years?

c]       What challenges and obstacles are we currently facing or we will be facing in the next 10 years and how do we intend to address these?

d]       What do we hope to accomplish in the next ten years on the following areas of focus: (This is the vision of the congregation for the period 2019-2028)





2]       Deanery Conferences. There will be deanery conferences where the congregations will share their respective reports and VMG. The conferences will go through the following:

a]       Sharing of congregational reports and VMG

b]       Based on our individual and collective vision and goals, what do we want our diocese to accomplish in the next 10 years?

C]       What is our Vision for our Diocese? What are the goals that will enable us to attain this Vision for our Diocese?

3]       Diocesan Visioning Conferences. Will consolidate and enrich the congregational/deanery inputs into a Diocesan VMG. Also, this conferences will enable the dioceses to firm up their respective suggestions towards the VMG of the national Church.

a]       Sharing of consolidated congregational reports and VMG by deaneries;

b]       Based on these congregational reports and the inputs of the deaneries, what is now our collective vision for our Diocese? What are the goals that will enable us to attain this Vision for our Diocese?

c]       Presentation of the Finance and Programs of the National Church.

d]       What do we want our National Church to accomplish in the next 10 years? What are the goals that will enable our National Church to attain this Vision?

III       National Summit. This will receive, consolidate and enrich the inputs of the dioceses for a national Church VMG.

a]       Presentation of Diocesan Reports and VMG;

b]       Presentation of Diocesan Inputs towards the VMG of the National Church

c]       Consolidation of diocesan inputs and crafting the VMG of the ECP.

IV       2019 Diocesan Conventions.  The dioceses will formally adopt their respective VMG and jump-start its full-blown implementation. The Conventions will also receive the national Church VMG and formally express their accession.

V        Diocesan Consultations on ECP Constitution and Canons. These consultations will do a comprehensive review of the Constitution and Canons and answer the following questions:

a]       What areas/provisions in the CC can we improve in order to enhance the attainment of the VMG?

b]       What areas/provisions in the CC do we think are obstacles to attaining the VMG and how can we amend or change these to be in accord with the said VMG?

c]       What other innovations can we introduce in the Constitution and Canons in order that it becomes more responsive to the pursuit of the Five Marks of Mission.

VI       National Consultation on Constitution and Canons.  This will involve an expanded Commission on Constitution and Canons to gather and consolidate the diocesan inputs and craft them into amendments in constitutional or canonical form.

VII      2020 Provincial Synod. Will receive a report on the first year implementation of Vision 2028 and will act on proposed amendments to the ECP Constitution Canons.


1]       The Vision and Goals of the congregations, dioceses and the national Church will be evolved through this Plan. The statement of Mission remains constant, as expressed in the Five Marks of Mission.

2]       Institutions and organizations will be encouraged to synchronize their respective visioning processes with that of the whole Church.

3]       The National Church will contribute 50% of the costs of diocesan consultations.


Activities Schedule
National Consultation – Assessment of Accomplishments December 12 – 13, 2017
2018 Diocesan Conventions 1st Quarter of 2018
Congregational Consultations 2nd Quarter of 2018
Deanery Consultations July – August 2018
Diocesan Consultations Sept – Oct 2018
National Summit November 2018
2019 Diocesan Conventions 1st Quarter of 2019
Diocesan Consultations on Constitution and Canons 2nd – 3rd Quarter of 2019
National Consultation on Constitution and Canons November 2019
2020 Provincial Synod May 2020